How do I appeal a decision made by PTCB or issue a complaint?

PTCB is committed to administering its certification programs in a fair and impartial manner. To that end, PTCB has established processes to receive and resolve complaints and appeals. Appeals and complaints are often confused, but have specific meanings and requirements under PTCB’s policies. Both complaints and appeals should be submitted as help requests.


PTCB’s policies themselves are not subject to appeal. For example, candidates and certificants cannot “appeal” PTCB fees or the Exam Retake Policy. Nevertheless, candidates and certificants that encounter problems with PTCB’s systems, procedures, or policies, can submit a complaint to bring the issue(s) to PTCB’s attention. Complaints are generally acknowledged and resolved within 48 business hours. If resolution will take longer, PTCB will provide progress updates.


Candidates and certificants who are affected by an adverse PTCB decision (e.g., denial of eligibility, suspension, etc.) may appeal the decision. Discipline and conduct-related matters, including appeals, are governed by the Conduct Case Procedures. Appeals of any other certification-related decision are governed by the Credential Appeals Procedures. Appeals must meet the requirements laid out in these procedures in order to be processed. Candidates and certificants considering an appeal should carefully review the requirements in the relevant Procedures (available in the Guidebook).

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