What are the requirements for becoming a CSPT?

To become certified with PTCB as a CSPT:

    1. Have an active PTCB CPhT
    2. Complete one of the following two pathways:
      • Pathway 1: Completion of, or enrollment in, a PTCB-Recognized Sterile Compounding Education/Training* AND one year of full-time continuous compounded sterile preparation (CSP) work experience.**
      • Pathway 2: Three years of full-time continuous compounded sterile preparation (CSP) work experience.***
    3. Apply for CSPT certification and pay the application fee.
    4. Submit the CSPT Competency Attestation Form.
    5. Get approval.
    6. Take and earn a passing score on the CSPT Exam.

      *CSPT candidates who are within 60 days of completing a PTCB-Recognized Sterile Compounding Education/Training Program are eligible to apply for CSPT Certification. CSPT Certification will not be granted until proof of program completion is provided to PTCB. Note: PTCB-Recognized Education/Training Programs (REPs) have been reviewed and found to provide learners with foundational knowledge that will help them be successful on PTCB exams. Please note that REPs may not cover all information that appears on your exam. It is important that you review the exam content outline as part of your preparation and seek supplemental resources as needed.

      **Full-time continuous compounded sterile preparation (CSP) work experience is defined as at least 30 hours/week. 

      ***Work experience must be within the last eight years. Part-time employment and roles that include, but are not fully devoted, to sterile compounding qualify. Sterile compounding experience must have been completed in a US facility and subject to USP <797> and <800> regulations.

In order to become a CSPT®, you must pass the CSPT Exam and submit the CSPT Competency Attestation Form. Candidates who are deemed eligible for CSPT Certification will be granted a one-year CSPT Candidacy Eligibility Window.

Candidacy Eligibility Window

Once approved, CSPT candidates will be granted a one-year Candidacy Eligibility Window. All exam and certification requirements must be completed within the candidacy eligibility window including a passing score on the CSPT Exam. Candidates who fail to complete the CSPT Certification requirements within their one-year candidacy eligibility window will be subject to reapply for eligibility again if they wish to obtain CSPT Certification. CSPT applicants reapplying for eligibility will be subject to current CSPT program requirements. All previous certification requirements completed will be deemed ineligible for future eligibility windows, including a passing score on the CSPT Exam and any previously approved CSPT Competency Attestation Form.


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