I can't enter my high school education information.

If you are experiencing difficulties with entering your high school education information when applying for certification, please try entering the name of your school (without "high school" in the name) in the Institution Name field (for example: "Central" rather than "Central High School") and enter the US state in which you attended school in the Institution State field. Then click Search for Institution.

If you are unable to locate your school's information, please follow the steps below:

1. Check the checkbox for "I have obtained or I am within 60 days of obtaining a high school diploma or equivalent educational diploma."

2. Enter your graduation/expected graduation date​.

3. Enter Unlisted in the Institution Name field.

4. Enter 000003 in the Institution CEEB field.

Make sure nothing is selected or entered in the Institution City and Institution State fields.

5. Click Search for Institution.

​After clicking Search for Institution, the Unlisted option will show (see below).

6. Click the button next to the Unlisted option (the listing of District of Columbia as the state will not have an effect on your application).

7. Click Continue.

After following the steps above, you should then be able to continue completing your application. If you continue to experience difficulties, please submit a request.



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