What’s the difference between recognized education/training programs for the CPhT Program and for the CSPT Program? How do Advocate Educators fit into that?

PTCB works with pharmacy technician educators in many ways:

Recognized Education/Training Programs for the CPhT Program

To become a recognized education/training program the Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) Program, program directors must attest that the required knowledge is included in their program’s curriculum by completing the CPhT Program Recognition Attestation FormProgram directors are encouraged to review the 2020 PTCB CPhT Knowledge Reference prior to beginning the form.

Recognized Education/Training Programs for the CSPT Program

More information on recognized education/training programs for the CSPT Program can be found here.

Advocate Educator Program

Advocate Educators are educational institutions that prepare pharmacy technician students to participate in the PTCB Certification Program. While this program does not specifically qualify your program as being recognized by PTCB, by joining the free PTCB Educator Program, your institution becomes part of an expanding community of more than 1,000 Advocate Educators.

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