I attended a conference and earned CE credits after I submitted my recertification application but before my application was approved. Can I get credit for these CEs towards my next recertification cycle?

Your next renewal period begins the moment your application has been processed by PTCB.

If you have received a message from PTCB confirming the approval of your application, you may begin earning CE hours for your next recertification cycle, and credits can count toward that next cycle. Please allow up to 4 weeks for your application to be processed and approved. PTCB does not allow carryover of CE hours after an application has been submitted but before it has been approved regardless of when the CE was earned. Pharmacy information changes frequently, and it is imperative for pharmacy technicians to be knowledgeable on the latest pharmacy practices that have an impact on their daily responsibilities.

Recertificants have approximately two (2) years from the date their application is approved to complete their CE for their next recertification. The specific window in which you may earn CE hours is listed on your PTCB Account homepage, under the Certification Status section. CE submitted outside of this window will not be accepted.

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