I want to help my employees prepare for the PTCE. Where can I find study materials, and how do I know which ones are really beneficial and relevant to the current exam?

While PTCB does not recommend or endorse other study materials that can be found in the marketplace candidates are free to choose their own method of study in preparation for the exam.

PTCB offers Official PTCE Practice Tools – the Official PTCB® Practice Exam, last updated with an additional version on September 1, 2017, and the Official PTCB® Calculations Practice Questions app.

If you have concerns about your program’s curriculum and its relevance to the exam, you can compare curricular content to the current examination Blueprint, which outlines the knowledge areas covered by the examination.

In addition, all PTCB Advocate Educators and Sponsors receive a PTCE analysis of their students’ exam performance to assist them in identifying areas of strengths and weaknesses for their students. Use these analyses to evaluate your curriculum with respect to the exam Blueprint.

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