PTCB Account Upgrades

We’ve been working on some upgrades to your PTCB Account to optimize your time when on our website. When you log in, you’ll notice:


A new sleek design

We’ve changed the look of your PTCB Account. It’s more organized and user-friendly, and we hope you like what you see! The process to apply and recertify remains the same -- we’ve just streamlined the design.




Always wanted to check your certification status on your phone? Wanted to recertify on the run? Now it’s easier than ever. We’ve optimized the way our website looks when you log into your PTCB Account, especially when you’re on the go.




Easier profile updates

You want to update your address, but not the rest of your information? It’s much easier and faster now that you can just update individual sections without having to click through every detail.



Thanks for your continued dedication to PTCB. We hope you like the new website features!

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