Do I need to take an exam to earn the CPhT-Adv™ Certification?

There is no CPhT-Adv Exam. Once you meet the eligibility requirements for the CPhT-Adv Certification, you can claim it through your online PTCB Account following these instructions.

To be eligible for the CPhT-Adv™ certification, you must:

  1. Be an active PTCB CPhT in good standing.
  2. Complete at least three (3) years of pharmacy technician work experience within the past eight (8) years.
  3. Complete at least four PTCB Assessment-Based Certificate Programs, OR three Certificate Programs and the Compounded Sterile Preparation Technician® (CSPT®) Certification.
PTCB currently offers the following Assessment-Based Certificate Programs:

Each PTCB Assessment-Based Certificate requires you to take and pass an exam to meet eligibility requirements. 

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