I have a criminal record. Am I eligible to become certified?

As part of the application process, exam candidates must complete the PTCB Conduct Disclosure Checklist.

PTCB cannot make eligibility determinations without first receiving official documentation. Eligibility determinations must be made as part of the formal review process. PTCB cannot state if you would be eligible based on any first-hand accounts of your case presented solely by you, without official documentation.

Disclosure does not guarantee that you will be granted eligibility, nor does it automatically disqualify you. PTCB will review each eligibility request on a case-by-case basis and provide a written decision within four weeks.

Disclosures must include all related documents issued by a court, government agency, professional association, or credentialing organization that explains the disposition and resolution of the matter.

Please note, PTCB must first receive an application for certification and application fee payment before your eligibility is determined. You may upload your documentation during the online application process or after you have submitted your application by submitting a help request with the completed PTCB Conduct Disclosure Checklist attached.

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