My CE hours are not adding up.

If you have entered your 20 CE hours, but your PTCB Account indicates you have entered less than 20 CE hours, you may have categorized your CE programs as In-service CE or University or College Credit CE, when they should be categorized as Conferences, Seminars and Workshops.


If you are unable to continue with your application and are receiving an error message stating "in order to submit your application, you must enter at least 20 CE hours for CPhT between...and today" or your continuing education (CE) hours do not seem to add up, you may have incorrect categories listed for your CE.

CPhTs may complete a maximum of ten (10) college credits for use as CE hours. Prior to 1/1/2018, CPhTs were able to complete a maximum of five (5) CE hours for certain in-service projects or training earned at the CPhT’s workplace under the direct supervision of a pharmacist. These 5 and 10-hour limits may be the reason you are not able to continue with your application.

Please be mindful of the CE type listed for each CE, and edit if necessary. 

To change the CE type for a particular CE, click the Edit link next to each CE entry in the list of CE entries. Then select the correct CE category from the drop down list, save the change, and review your CE total. The total should reflect your new selection. Once you've verified the correct categories for all of your CEs, your total should meet the requirements.

There are currently two CE types to select from:

Category 1) Conferences, Seminars and Workshops

Most CEs fall into the category 'Conferences, Seminars and Workshops' as the CE type. This CE category does not have an hour limit. Choose this category for CEs earned through the following:

  • online CE courses
  • live or recorded presentations, teleconferences, virtual meetings, panel discussions, or workshops
  • in-person conferences, seminars, or workshops
  • home study programs
  • other educational programs that primarily contain pharmacy-related subject matter

Category 2) University and College Credit

Choose 'University and College Credit' for CE hours you have earned at a university or college.

This CE category has a ten (10) hour limit. University and College Credit CE hours are not mandatory.

In-service projects

Beginning January 1, 2018, PTCB will longer accepts what is known as ‘in-service’ continuing education (CE) hours. More information can be found herePrior to 1/1/2018, in-service hours could be earned for certain in-service projects or training earned at the certificant’s workplace under the direct supervision of a pharmacist.

This CE category had a five (5) hour limit.

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