My CE hours are not adding up.

If you have entered your 20 CE hours, but your PTCB Account indicates you have entered less than 20 CE hours, you may have categorized your CE programs as In-service CE or University or College Credit CE, when they should be categorized as Conferences, Seminars and Workshops.

If your CE hours do not add up, you may have selected incorrect categories for your CEs. There are three CE categories to select from:

Category 1) Conferences, Seminars and Workshops

Most CE programs fall into the category 'Conferences, Seminars and Workshops' as the CE type. This CE category does not have an hour limit. Choose this category for CE programs earned through the following:

  • online CE courses
  • live or recorded presentations, teleconferences, virtual meetings, panel discussions, or workshops
  • in-person conferences, seminars, or workshops
  • home study programs
  • other educational programs that primarily contain pharmacy-related subject matter

There is no application limit for Conferences, Seminars and Workshops CE hours.

Category 2) In-Service*

If your CE hours are related to your job functions and fit the definition of 'in-service', please choose the 'In-Service' Category. A Universal Continuing Education Form must accompany each in-service CE.

In-service hours can be earned for certain in-service projects or training earned at the certificant’s workplace under the direct supervision of a pharmacist. Credit for in-service projects will not be awarded for the performance of a pharmacy technician’s regular work duties. Credit will be granted for the completion of specially assigned in-service projects or training outside of the certificant’s regular responsibilities, with specific requirements set forth in the Universal Continuing Education Form.

In-service CE hours are not mandatory. There is a 5-hour application limit for in-service CE hours. This limit could be the reason your CE hours do not add up to the requirement.

Category 3) University and College Credit

Choose 'University and College Credit' for CE hours you have earned at a university or college.

University and College Credit CE hours are not mandatory. There is a 10-hour application limit for university and college credit CE hours. This limit could be the reason your CE hours do not add up to the requirement.


* Beginning January 1, 2018, PTCB will no longer accept what is known as ‘in-service’ continuing education (CE) hours. More information can be found here

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