As a CE program provider, will PTCB pre-approve my CE program?

PTCB does not pre-approve or endorse continuing education programs from providers.

To find out about PTCB's requirements for a CE to be accepted, you may wish to refer to our website here.

Here is the relevant language from our site:

Pharmacy-Technician Specific CE: All recertification and reinstatement candidates eligible for recertification or reinstatement in 2015 and beyond are required to submit pharmacy technician-specific CE hours. As before, CPhTs must complete 20 hours of CE. For recertification candidates, one of the 20 CE hours must be in the subject of pharmacy law, and 1 hour must be in the subject of patient safety. For reinstatement candidates, 2 of the 20 hours must be in the subject of pharmacy law and 1 hour must be in the subject of patient safety. Pharmacy law CE and patient safety CE must be pharmacy technician-specific.

PTCB has determined that CE programs offered by ACPE-accredited providers with the target audience designator 'T' satisfy the requirement of pertaining to pharmacy technician-specific subject matter. CPhTs may find that some CE courses are intended for both pharmacists and pharmacy technicians; these CE courses have identical Universal Activity Numbers (UANs) and the target audience is indicated by the last digit -- a 'T' for the pharmacy technician audience (and a 'P' for the pharmacist audience).

Non-ACPE-accredited CE programs are accepted if PTCB determines that their program objectives assess or sustain the competency critical to pharmacy technician practice as stated in PTCB’s Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination Blueprint.

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