Navigating the Credly Platform: A Guide to Digital Badges and Beyond

Partnering with organizations like PTCB, Credly issues and manages digital badges for individuals. Every badge contains verifiable data that tells the world what you did or learned, who says you did or learned it, and why it matters. Badges can be shared on social media, embedded into an email signature, resume or website, or linked to for full visibility of one's professional story.

  1. Certificate vs. Digital Badge:
    The certificate you download and/or print from your PTCB Account (for CPhT and CSPT Certifications) or Credly Account (for Assessment-Based Certificates) confirms that you’ve earned your credential; you can also verify your credential status on the PTCB website. The digital badge verifies this same information, and can more easily be used to share your accomplishment.
  1. Getting Started with Credly:
    Once you’ve earned a credential through PTCB, you will be emailed instructions to claim your digital badge. You may access your badge through a link in your PTCB Account, and you may view all your badges and digital credentials, by creating and/or logging into your Credly account using the email address associated with your PTCB Account.
  2. Support and FAQs:
    For additional support, users can find answers to frequently asked questions in the Credly Help Center.
  3. Sharing Your Badge:
    Credly offers multiple options to share badges, including direct sharing to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as via email or embedding in a website or email signature.

    Learn more about why Credly needs access to your LinkedIn account in order to share your badge on their platform.
  1. Badge Fees:
    There are no fees to use PTCB digital badges. The use of badges through Credly is a complimentary service provided by PTCB to individuals who earn PTCB Credentials.
  2. Other Badge Benefits:
    Credly offers valuable labor market insights, sourced from live job requisitions. Users can explore job titles, salary ranges, and potential employers based on their skills. Access these insights through the badge details page. 
  3. Security of Digital Badges:
    Credly ensures the security of digital badges by linking them to verified data hosted on the platform. This eliminates the risk of unauthorized badge use and credential claiming.

Need more help?

If you need additional assistance after reviewing the information above, please submit a help request or contact us by phone at 800-363-8012. Our Customer Service team is available Monday through Friday, 9am to 9pm ET and Saturdays, 11:30am to 4pm ET.

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