I want to challenge my official PTCE® results.

Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE®) scoring policies can be found in the PTCB Candidate Guidebook.

Per the Exam Scoring Challenges section of the PTCB Candidate Guidebook,

“The sole mechanism for candidates to challenge the accuracy of exam content on any PTCB exam is to comment within the exam itself. Candidates can comment on any item during the exam. Subject-matter experts and/or PTCB staff review all candidate comments and take appropriate actions as necessary. In extremely rare circumstances, the review of candidate comments may result in candidates receiving an official exam result that differs from the preliminary result provided at the end of the exam. 

Candidates cannot challenge the accuracy of exam content outside of the exam itself. PTCB will not adjust or modify exam scores for any reason pertaining to personal circumstances, hardships, or technical or administrative errors. For situations in which a technical or administrative error has been determined by PTCB to have impacted a candidate’s score, the candidate’s exam score will be canceled, and the candidate will be offered an opportunity to retest.”

If you experienced a technical or administrative error during your exam attempt, please submit a Help Request with the Case Report Number issued by Pearson VUE. If you do not have a Case Report Number, contact Pearson VUE to report the error. Your testing experience will then be reviewed. You can expect a final update within 3-4 weeks.

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