My application was approved some time ago, but has now been returned. Why?

The renewal process requires renewal candidates to attest to completing continuing education that meets PTCB’s stated requirements. Upon the submission of your application, your application was approved and your certification renewed based on your CE completion attestation.

ACPE-accredited providers have 60 days to report your CE activity to CPE Monitor, which means PTCB may not receive confirmation of your CE activities prior to the CE provider's submission deadline. We recommend verifying the activity is recorded in CPE Monitor prior to applying. If there is a discrepancy regarding the CE activities listed in your CPE Monitor, please contact your CE provider.

If your application was returned, this is because upon review of your application, we were unable to verify in CPE Monitor that your CE activities meet the renewal requirements of your certification. Please refer to the email and message within your PTCB Account for specific information regarding the return of your application and instructions for continuing with the renewal process.

More information on PTCB’s CE requirements can be found here.

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