Renewal Application Updates

PTCB has upgraded the recertification application to save you time. Beginning in May 2019, PTCB will use data from the CPE Monitor to verify CE information. The CPE Monitor is a service provided by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) and the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) that allows you to track your completed continuing education (CE) hours automatically uploaded by ACPE-accredited CE providers.

Before you apply to recertify next time, be sure to set up your NABP e-Profile to streamline the process. All CPhTs are urged to set up an NABP e-Profile ID number before their next recertification deadline. CPhTs are required have an e-Profile ID on file with PTCB by October 2019.

How do I set up my NABP e-Profile?

If you do not have an NABP e-Profile ID yet, simply visit NABP’s website and create one.

Once your NABP e-Profile is created, add your PTCB certification number to the Certifications section of your e-Profile. Once you do this you will automatically be registered for CPE Monitor and the verification process can be completed.

If you have any questions about the CPE Monitor or creating an NABP e-Profile ID, please refer to the NABP Help page. If you have any questions about recertification, please visit the Renewing Your CPhT Certification section of the PTCB Help Center or submit a help request.

How do I know if PTCB has my e-Profile ID?

After you log into your PTCB Account, look at the top of your account, to the right of your name, If PTCB has your e-Profile ID, then it will be displayed. If you need to edit your e-Profile ID, click the pencil icon.


If we do not have your e-Profile ID, click “Add NABP e-Profile ID.”


How is PTCB’s recertification application changing?

PTCB’s upgraded recertification application will allow you to recertify in minutes if you have a verified NABP e-Profile ID and if your continuing education credits are in the CPE Monitor. The new application

  • eliminates the need for you to manually enter CE information on your PTCB recertification  application already listed in CPE Monitor
  • gives instant recertification/reinstatement once payment is processed
  • reduces potential delays when applying

Renewal Fee Increase

CPhTs live busy lives both inside and outside the pharmacy. As outlined above, PTCB has been working to make the CPhT renewal process faster and easier to save CPhTs time and provide immediate approvals, allowing CPhTs to recertify much faster as long as their CE hours are recorded in their NABP CPE Monitor account.

In addition to this upgrade, PTCB is increasing the recertification fee for the first time in more than a decade (since 2007). Beginning in October 2019, the recertification fee will be $49 and the reinstatement fee will be $89.

Former Application Fee: $40
Current Application Fee: $49

Former Application Fee: $80 ($40 recertification + $40 fee)
Current Application Fee: $89 ($49 recertification + $40 fee)

The $25 Late Application Processing Fee and $10 Reprocessing Fee will not change.

PTCB is pleased to offer a more efficient and simplified recertification process for CPhTs. We insist on delivering excellence in our credentialing programs, and regularly improve our processes to provide the best possible service to technicians and the pharmacy community.

More than 288,000 currently active CPhTs come back to PTCB repeatedly to renew their credential so they can advance their careers, maintain current knowledge, comply with requirements, and reaffirm their commitment to patient care and safety.

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