How can we purchase Official PTCB Practice Exam vouchers?

Practice Exam Voucher Management

In order to better serve our stakeholders, the Official PTCB Practice Exam purchase process has been streamlined by being migrated to our website. Log into your PTCB Account and select Practice Exam Vouchers under your Direct Billing Management. Then click Manage Certification Vouchers.

Note: If you do not have the Direct Billing Management link in your account, submit a Help Request to inquire about enrolling in Direct Billing.


Click Add Vouchers to generate new vouchers.


It is on this page you create on-demand vouchers by clicking the Add Vouchers button. There is no longer an order form or wait time for the vouchers. Once you create these vouchers, they are immediately available to you to distribute to your students. Once you've created the number of vouchers needed, distribute those to your students and instruct them to create their PTCB Account if they have not already done so. Once their account is created, they log in to access a link to purchase the practice exam. 

For your employees/students

When your employees/students are ready to take the practice exam, they click the following link from within their PTCB Account: 


When they go through this process, they will be asked if an organization (employer or educator) is paying their fee. When they select yes, they will be prompted to enter the organization, and then the voucher number you provided to them as shown below. 


Note: What is shown is for example only. Your employees/students will select your organization.

Invoices are generated on a monthly basis based on the number of practice exam vouchers redeemed the previous month. 

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