CPhT and CSPT Emeritus Status Guidelines

The Emeritus program requires an active credential in good standing. Please note, renewal candidates with an expired CPhT, CSPT, or CPhT-Adv certification status cannot use the Emeritus program to obtain an updated certification status.

PTCB allows eligible active CPhTs, CSPTs, and CPhTs-Adv, to request Emeritus status. This allows certificants who are no longer practicing pharmacy technicians to maintain a status of professional distinction. The Emeritus status designation represents that a former certificant is not actively working as a PTCB Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT), Certified Compounded Sterile Preparation Technician (CSPT), or Advanced Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT-Adv) . 

Who’s Eligible 

A CPhT or CPhT-Adv certificant in good standing is eligible for CPhT/CPhT-Adv Emeritus status if: 

  • the CPhT/CPhT-Adv Certification is currently active
  • the CPhT/CPhT-Adv has been certified by PTCB for at least ten (10) years; 
  • the CPhT/CPhT-Adv is no longer practicing as a pharmacy technician; 
  • the CPhT/CPhT Adv is not currently employed as a pharmacy technician; and 
  • the CPhT/CPhT-Adv otherwise satisfies all applicable PTCB policies and requirements. 

A CSPT certificant in good standing is eligible for CSPT Emeritus status if: 

  • the CSPT Certification is currently active
  • the CSPT has been certified as a CPhT and/or CPhT-Adv by PTCB for at least ten (10) years; 
  • the CSPT is no longer compounding sterile preparations; 
  • the CSPT otherwise satisfies all applicable PTCB policies and requirements. 

Requirements and Fees 

An Emeritus status applicant is required to pay a one-time, nonrefundable $50 Emeritus status fee for each certification. Please note: certificants who are granted Emeritus status are not required to satisfy PTCB recertification requirements, including continuing education (CE) credit rules, or to pay certification renewal fees.

How to Use Your New Status 

Certificants who are granted Emeritus status can use the PTCB CPhT, CSPT, and/or CPhT-Adv Emeritus status designation. The PTCB  Emeritus status designations and marks may be displayed on a resume and similar materials, noting the years active with the designation. 

Example of proper use of Emeritus status designation: 

Joanne Smith
PTCB CPhT Emeritus (CPhT 2000-2010)

Malcolm Reynolds
PTCB CSPT Emeritus (CSPT 2017-2020)

Mike Jones
CPhT-Adv Emeritus (CPhT-Adv 2021-202023)

How to Apply

  1. To apply for Emeritus status, log into your PTCB Account and visit the Shop from the side menu:


  1. Then, click Details under PTCB Emeritus Status Request:


  1. Click Buy Now to proceed with your PTCB Emeritus Status Request:


  1. Read and agree to the terms and conditions of the Emeritus Status Request, then click Continue:


  1. Confirmation will indicate your request has been received. Click Continue to submit the $50 Emeritus Status Request Fee and complete the Emeritus Status Request process.


You will receive an email confirmation within about 5-7 business days following review and processing. 

If you have further questions about this offering from PTCB, please review the PTCB Emeritus Status Policy or submit a help request

Need more help?

If you need additional assistance after reviewing the information above, please submit a help request or contact us by phone at 800-363-8012. Our Customer Service team is available Monday through Friday, 9am to 9pm ET and Saturdays, 11:30am to 4pm ET.

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