How do I know if a CE activity covers patient safety?

CE Activities from ACPE-accredited CE Providers

For CE activities from ACPE-accredited CE providers, an ACPE Universal Activity Number (UAN) is assigned to the CE activity. The ACPE UAN is typically listed in the CE activity description and in the statement of credit or certificate of completion provided by the CE provider after completing the CE activity. By reviewing the ACPE UAN, you can determine the topic of the CE activity.

The following is an example of a ACPE UAN with a patient safety topic designator:


The 05 in 0197-0000-17-001-L05-T designates the CE activity as patient safety.

05: Patient Safety Topic Designator Description

Per the ACPE Policies and Procedures Manual, the 05 topic designator covers "the prevention of healthcare errors, and the elimination or mitigation of patient injury caused by healthcare errors."

CE Activities from non-ACPE-accredited CE Providers

If you have completed a patient safety CE activity from a non-ACPE-accredited provider, then you must ensure that the content aligns with knowledge domain 3: Patient Safety and Quality Assurance of the PTCE content outline and covers the prevention of healthcare errors and the elimination or mitigation of patient injury caused by healthcare errors.

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