What information has PTCB verified via the CPE Monitor?

For CE activities completed from ACPE-accredited providers, PTCB recommends that you review your NABP CPE Monitor transcript as the first source of information to verify all CE information. To view your CPE Monitor transcript, log into your NABP e-Profile.

If your application has been accepted and you would like to view the CE information PTCB has verified via the NABP CPE Monitor for your last recertification cycle, log into your PTCB Account and click “View the status of your CPE Monitor review” in the alert box at the top of your account homepage:


Then, click the “View your current CPE Monitor review status” button:


 The information PTCB has verified via the CPE Monitor is then displayed:


CPE Monitor Verification Statuses:

Verified: Your application meets CE requirements and no further action is needed.

Not Verified: PTCB is still attempting to verify your CEs using CPE Monitor. We run a daily check for 60 days starting on the date you submit your application.

Non-compliant: We have attempted to verify your CEs using CPE Monitor for the past 60 days and determined your application is not in compliance with PTCB’s CE requirements.

Log into your NABP e-Profile for up-to-date information regarding your CE activities. If you find that CEs are missing or labeled incorrectly in CPE Monitor, contact the ACPE-accredited CE provider as soon as possible.

Verification Time Period:

PTCB verifies CE activities in CPE Monitor and updates status information daily at 4 AM ET. The 60-day verification period following the renewal application submission is based on the reporting time-frame ACPE-accredited CE providers have to report information to the CPE Monitor.

Non-compliant CPhT Recertification Applications:

After 60 days, if PTCB is unable to verify compliance with CE requirements, the renewal application will be returned. CPhTs with returned applications have 30 days to provide documentation of the completion of all CE requirements within the last recertification cycle. 

If documentation of completed CEs within the last recertification cycle is not provided, then reinstatement would be required within one year following the certification expiration date.

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