I’m scheduled to take an exam at a test center, but I want to change it to an online proctored exam. What are my options?

To switch an Assessment-Based Certificate Exam appointment from an in-person exam to an online proctored exam:

  1. Cancel your existing test center appointment through the "My Scheduled Exam" link in your PTCB Account.  
  2. After the test center exam appointment is canceled, click the dashboard icon.
  3. Click the exam link under Pre-approved Exams, then click Schedule.Screen_Shot_2020-05-01_at_10.39.03_AM.png
  4. When rescheduling to an online proctored exam, select “OnVUE Online at my home or office” when prompted Where do you want to take your exam?  OnVUE_Selection_2023.png
  5. Complete the rescheduling process.
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