My renewal application was returned. Can I still complete the required CEs?

Recertification Candidates with Returned Applications

Recertification candidates who did not complete the required CE activities within their recertification cycle are NOT eligible to resubmit their returned applications within the 30-day resubmission period.

New CE activities completed before the start of the last recertification cycle or after the last certification expiration date cannot be used toward recertification.

CPhT recertification cycles start the day an application for CPhT recertification has been approved and ends on the certification expiration date. The CPhT recertification cycle is approximately 2 years.

If you did not complete the required CE hours within your last recertification cycle, follow the instructions in the following article: My recertification application was returned. I cannot provide documentation showing I completed all CE requirements during my last recertification cycle. What are my options?

Reinstatement Candidates with Returned Applications

Reinstatement candidates who did not complete the required CE activities within their recertification cycle and up until when the reinstatement application is submitted are eligible to complete the required CE activities and resubmit their returned application with documentation of CE activity completion and a $10 reprocessing fee within 30 days of the application return. Reinstated certificants will be granted the remaining balance of their recertification cycle. 

If your CE documentation does not meet the requirements, your reinstatement application will be denied. If your certification has been expired for more than one year, you must submit a new application for certification, receive PTCB approval of your application, and take and pass the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE) to obtain an active CPhT Certification. More information about reinstatement can be found in the following article: What happens if I do not apply for recertification by my certification expiration date?


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