What are the requirements for proof of completion for a CE audit?

Certificants may be randomly selected for an audit of their continuing education (CE) activities. PTCB has the discretion to audit the recertification eligibility of a PTCB certificant at any time.

If your CE activities have been audited, follow the instructions included in the audit notification email to provide your CE completion documentation.

Acceptable documentation includes the following:

CPE Monitor Transcript 

If available, PTCB prefers that you provide your CPE Monitor transcript rather than individual certificates of completion as documentation. Instructions for obtaining a copy of your CPE Monitor transcript can be found via the NABP website.

CE Certificates of Completion and Statements of Credit

Individual Certificates or Statements

  • If you submit individual certificates or statements as your CE completion documentation, you must ensure the documentation meets these requirements:

    • Your name
    • Program title
    • Provider name
    • Completion date
    • # of hours awarded 
    • ACPE Universal Activity Number (UAN), if applicable.

CEactivity.pngExample document 


Transcripts with information for multiple CE activities may be submitted if they include:

  • Your name
  • Program titles
  • Provider name
  • Completion dates
  • # of hours awarded for each program 
  • ACPE Universal Activity Number (UAN) for each program, if applicable.


Example document 

University and College Transcripts

  • Your name
  • University/college name
  • Course name
  • Academic credit hours


Example document


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