My PTCB-Recognized CPhT Education/Training Program was selected for audit. What do I need to do?

Throughout the year, PTCB randomly selects a number of programs for an audit to verify that the information contained in the recognized education/training program attestation is accurate. 

To comply with the audit, program directors are asked to provide the requested information in the PTCB-Recognized Education/Training Program Audit Submission Form in their PTCB Account within 30 days of notification.

Items Required for Audit Submission

  • Organizational chart 
  • Legal status of the organization 
  • Number of years organization has been in business and delivering pharmacy technician education/training program 
  • Program instructors/educators resume/CV outlining credentials
  • Program completion requirements 
  • Completed CPhT Curriculum Map 
  • Certificate of completion template issued to participants who successfully complete the program or copy of a learner transcript

Documentation Submission

When a program director is ready to submit the required documentation, they log into their  PTCB Account and use the PTCB-Recognized Education/Training Program Audit Submission Form to complete and submit documentation. This may take a significant amount of time to complete so we suggest preparing documentation in advance. Your PTCB Account may time out after a period of inactivity. Please be sure that when you are ready to submit your documentation the forms you are logged into your PTCB Account. 

PTCB will notify program directors of the audit results via email within 4 weeks of submission. If additional information is required, PTCB will contact you via email. Failure to submit the requested documentation, or comply with audit requirements, will result in suspension or revocation of program recognition. Note: If adverse action is taken against your program due to non-compliance, program participants and prospective participants will not be eligible for the PTCE under Pathway 1: Completion of a PTCB-Recognized Education/Training Program. 

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