How-To: Manually Enter CE Information

If you have completed all CEs from ACPE-accredited CE providers, you do not need to manually enter any CE information following these instructions. Instead, select the ‘I attest that I have EARNED ALL 20 continuing education (CE) hours from ACPE-accredited providers…’ attestation option when applying for renewal. 

If you are unsure if your CE activity provider is ACPE-accredited, please review the article What is the difference between ACPE-accredited and Non-ACPE-accredited CE Providers? 

When applying for renewal, after agreeing to the application terms and conditions and selecting a conduct disclosure option, the Attestation and Signature page will show. 

If you have completed CEs from non ACPE-accredited providers, select the second attestation option:

I attest that I have earned continuing education (CE) activities from ACPE-accredited providers AND/OR FROM non ACPE-accredited providers.


After selecting the second attestation option, entering your electronic signature, and confirming you have met PTCB CE requirements, click Submit:


You will then be taken to the CE Program Information page. Click the Add button to enter CE program information:


Enter the CE information, then click Save:


After entering all CE information, click Continue to progress to the payment section of the application:



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