How do I recertify my CPhT Certification?

To renew your CPhT Certification, PTCB requires that you:

Complete 20 continuing education (CE) hours containing subject matter listed within the PTCE content outline, including:

  • 1 hour specifically in the subject of pharmacy law.
    CE programs from ACPE-accredited providers: Pharmacy law is indicated by the ‘03’ ACPE topic designator in the CE activity universal activity number (UAN) (for example 0123-0123-12-123-H03-T).
  • 1 hour specifically in the subject of patient safety.
    CE programs from ACPE-accredited providers: Patient safety is indicated by the ‘05’ ACPE topic designator in the CE activity UAN (for example 0123-0123-12-123-H
  • If CE activities are completed from ACPE-accredited providers, PTCB requires a minimum of 15 T-specific CE hours and accepts a maximum of 5 P-specific CE hours for applications submitted on or after September 1, 2020.

Recertification Cycles

CE activities must be completed within your current 2-year recertification cycle

CE Resources

While PTCB does not provide or endorse specific CE activities, we do provide a list of some CE providers. Example CE activities can be found in the CE Directory.

Applying for Recertification

To begin the application process, log into your PTCB Account and use the RENEW button under Manage My Certifications. The RENEW button will show on your PTCB Account homepage beginning 60 days prior to your certification expiration date.


Recertification Fees

The recertification application fee is $49 if the application is submitted by the application deadline. To avoid the $25 late processing fee, submit your application on or before your application deadline, at least 30 days before your certification expiration date.

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