How do I recertify my CPhT Certification?

To renew your CPhT Certification, PTCB requires that you:

Complete 20 continuing education (CE) hours containing subject matter listed within the PTCE content outline, including:

  • 1 hour specifically in the subject of pharmacy law.
    CE programs from ACPE-accredited providers: Pharmacy law is indicated by the ‘03’ ACPE topic designator in the CE activity universal activity number (UAN) (for example 0123-0123-12-123-H03-T).
  • 1 hour specifically in the subject of patient safety.
    CE programs from ACPE-accredited providers: Patient safety is indicated by the ‘05’ ACPE topic designator in the CE activity UAN (for example 0123-0123-12-123-H
  • If CE activities are completed from ACPE-accredited providers, PTCB requires a minimum of 15 T-specific CE hours and accepts a maximum of 5 P-specific CE hours for applications submitted on or after September 1, 2020.

Recertification Cycles

CE activities must be completed within your current 2-year recertification cycle

CE Resources

While PTCB does not provide or endorse specific CE activities, we do provide a list of some CE providers. Example CE activities can be found in the CE Directory.

Applying for Recertification

To begin the application process, go to PTCB Account > Manage My CPhT Certification section > Apply for CPhT Recertification link. 

A link to submit your application for recertification will show on your PTCB Account homepage beginning 60 days prior to your certification expiration date.

Recertification Fees

The recertification application fee is $49 if the application is submitted by the application deadline. To avoid the $25 late processing fee, submit your application on or before your application deadline, at least 30 days before your certification expiration date.

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