How-to: Creating a PTCB Account

To create a PTCB Account:

  1. Visit
  2. Click the Login button. 
  3. Click the 'Get Started' button.
  4. Enter your email address and click the Continue button.
  5. If there is no PTCB Account tied to the email address or username, you can then create your PTCB Account. 

Entering your profile information:

  1. Enter your login credentials. Then add your name and identification information. Click Continue.
  2. Enter your telephone numbers. Click Continue.
  3. Enter your mailing address. Click Continue.
  4. Enter your billing address. Click Continue.
  5. Enter additional information. Click Continue.
  6. Review and agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
  7. Review the Profile Summary. Click Continue.
  8. An 'Account Creation Complete' confirmation page will show. 

Next steps

If you are looking to take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE), to become certified as a Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT), once your PTCB Account has been created:

  1. Log into your newly created PTCB Account.
  2. Click the application link under Earn Your CPhT Certification
  3. Complete the application and application fee payment.
  4. Once your application is approved, schedule and take the PTCE, following the instructions found in your "Authorization to Schedule" email.  
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