How do I renew my CPhT-Adv™ Certification?

CPhT-Adv™ certificants must satisfy the CPhT CE requirements and submit an additional five (5) hours of CE in any pharmacy topic for a total of twenty-five (25) during each two (2)-year recertification cycle, including at least 1 hour in the subject of law and 1 hour in the subject of patient safety.

If you are certified as a CPhT-Adv, you must meet the following CE requirements when renewing:

Technicians need to earn Technician-specific (T-specific) CEs but can earn limited Pharmacist (P-specific) CEs that can be included within the total CE hours required to renew or reinstate.

Total Required Hours:


Minimum required law hours


Minimum required patient safety hours


Maximum P-specific hours


*CE hours can be in any pharmacy topic. Both pharmacy technician (T-specific) or pharmacist-specific (P-specific) CE are accepted.

**Two (2) pharmacy law CE hours required when applying for reinstatement.


CPhT-Adv recertification is $49 and is required every two (2) years. Applications submitted on or after the application deadline and on or before the certification date include a $25 late application processing fee. 

Reinstatement is $89.

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